We Will Rock You & Shabu-shabu

Woke up just before 10 am. Just in time to watch the kickoff of the Raiders game. The last game home for this season. To make the pain short… They lost again. Since they were in the Super Bowl they played so bad. And for each season we always said “At least it can only go up from here”. Still, when the next season ended it was just to look at the standings to see that actually it could.

But this year it must be so… It cannot get any worse than this. Only two wins and last in the whole NFL. Defense plays well but offense have swept all the NFL records away… Most turnovers, worst in the red zone, only 17 TDs. Today NBC compared the number of TDs to that of singel individuals in some other teams… The worst part… Raiders lost this too. Any single thing you can think of in the offense, Raiders is the worst team. So this year it must be safe to say that at least it can only go up from here.

At 2 pm we had a much better experience. We were seated in front of a big scene in Shinjuku to watch the We Will Rock You show. This was the last show in Tokyo for this time. It was a great show. And it was fun to see that almost everyone had a magic light which they swung to the beat of the music. Of course, almost everyone includes Chie and me.

Then we took a train home and had shabu-shabu for dinner. It was very tasty and I had too much to eat. It is quite hard to stop eating when it tastes so good.

Shabu-shabu meat Shabu-shabu

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