Today Chie and I will deliver our first batch of supplies to Ishihara-san. She is arranging for trucks to go to the Tohoku area every week. Bringing food, water, and whatever other things that are needed.

She has got in contact with a small town called Kobuchihama on a peninsula in the Miyagi prefecture, which is the prefecture where Sendai is located. The peninsula lost contact with the main island of Japan for two weeks after the earthquake so they could not get food or water supplies.

We got in contact with Ishihara-san through KotoKoto. The owner of KotoKoto and Ishihara-san seems to be friends. And we made contact with Ishihara-san about 2 weeks back, knocking on her door a Saturday morning. In a very unusual way for a Japanese she opened up her home for us without knowing who we were, and we agreed to help out.

Since then we have collected food and water little by little. Water especially is hard to come by in any larger amount at one time as there is limits on how much you can buy. Usually 1-2 bottle per person. Rice that you can heat either in microwave oven or by putting the box into hot water also have limitations in some stores. So little by little we built up to this point where we will drop by Ishihara-san to deliver the supplies.

Mash-san, as you may recognize from our Radior Nation Parties and trips to San Francisco, also sent us some money that could be used for renting the trucks and for gas.

どうもありがとうございます。m(_ _)m

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    • Yeah, we bought things we could eat ourselves. Though I guess I would have eaten most of the KitKat chocolate 😉

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