Club Leo Goes to Yodakimbo

Usually we when we meet Club Leo we go to the movies first and then for dinner. But when we meet in December we usually only go for a dinner. This year was no difference. And like last year we went to Yodakimbo.

All members of Club Leo loves the chicken nabe (hot pot) that they have at Yodakimbo during winter time, and that is one of the main reasons we go here when we meet in December. This meeting is also a kind of assembly meeting, looking back at what movies we had watched during the year and looking forward to what movies to watch during the coming months.

Gamarjobat with Club Leo

Today we enjoyed another show by Gamarjobat. It was really good, and some changes to the usual parts with the bag. Mainly because they kid that come up at that is supposed to lift the bag easily where Gamarjobat cannot did a very good mimic of Gamarjobat not being able to lift the bag 🙂

Laughing for 1.5 hours is hard work. And you get hungry. So from the Gamarjobat show venue we walked to TY Harbor where we had dinner. Almost every Friday I go here with some work colleagues for lunch, but this was the first time to come for dinner.

The service is good here, the atmosphere with the closeness to the water is nice, and the food is OK, though a bit expensive. We enjoyed each other’s company and talked about previous Gamarjobat shows and more.

When it was time to go home, Non went here way while the rest of us went to Shinagawa station (passing the Sony Ericsson office). The station was not as busy as in the morning or early evenings but still there were some people on the move. After a ride on Yamanote-sen and a short walk we were back home and went to bed. Goodnight!

Club Leo & Horrible Bosses

Met with Club Leo in Shunjuku to watch the movie Horrible Bosses. The movie was quite OK to watch, but very much like bubble gum. You like the taste while chewing but afterwards, once you spit the gum out, you cannot really remember the taste of it.

After the movie we went to a Japanese restaurant where we had sashimi, tempura and many other kinds of Japanese food. Yummy!

Ghost Writer & Pescaderia with Club Leo

At 3:25 pm we met Ryo-san and Non-san outside the movie theatre. It was time for our monthly meeting with Club Leo. This time we were watching Ghost Writer. It was a quite good movie about a ghost writer and the trouble you can get into when you are ghost writing for an ex-prime minister that have some problematic relations with CIA.

After the movie we continued to Prescaderia where we had dinner. It was YUMMY!

Gamarjobat at Otodama Sea Studio

Chie and I met Non and Ryo inside the Otodama Sea Studio at Zushi beach. We were excited about another Gamarjobat show. But it took quite a while for Gamarjobat to show up. First there was a duo with one guitar that sang 3 songs.

Then there was another duo on piano and drums. Singing nothing at all. It was an interesting show they put up. The pianist looked a bit like Klas Ingesson (a Swedish soccer player) when he still had some hair. The drummer looked, or rather more behaved, like Animal the Muppet.

The music they played was Mozart on speed. No kidding. Check out Pia-no-Jac if you want to know more about them. I can just summarize their show as… CRAZY!!!

Then the main attraction was on… Gamarjobat. They both ended up taking a swim in the ocean so most of the time they were soaked wet on the scene. But funny, though not as funny as previous shows.

After the show we all went to Shinagawa to have an Indian dinner at Delhi Corner. Yummy!