A Work Day in Tokorozawa

Drove to Tokorozawa to take care of Coco. It was a work day, but I had work to do that I could do from Tokorozawa. Between work I had a walk with Coco and did some household work as well.


Coco and I had also time to relax before I had to go back to Tokyo.

A Day Off

Both Chie and I had a day off to visit Tokorozawa. Chie had some business to do there and I used the day off to shovel some snow (yes, still piles of snow) and walk a newly groomed Coco.

Johan and Coco

In the early evening we drove back to Tokyo. Had dinner at KFC in Ebisu before Chie dropped me off at Wesley Center for a meeting. Kick-off for Global Leadership Cafe IV – Our Relationship to Time. We had some new faces there that joined to talk about collaboration for some events that they are planning in May when they are brining Lynne Twist to Tokyo.

New Year’s Day

As usual we visited the nearby shrine on the first day of the new year. And as usual we bought tigers for Coco, Chie and me 🙂

Coco and three tigers.

Every day during the New Year’s holiday we’ve had nothing but blue skies. Coco and I have taken advantage of it by taking walks. Sometimes a couple of times a day. Afterwards Coco has been exhausted so he has slept a lot. If he gets a chance he will jump up and sleep on the shoulder of Chie or me when we sit in the reclining chair. You can’t do nothing but love it 🙂

Fur coat?

After the New Year Eve’s dinner we have eaten Japanese preserved food, which is an old tradition. The reason is that traditionally Japan closes down for about 4 days during New Year. Also, it enabled the housewives to actually get some days off from cooking.

Japanese preserved food.

At the end of the 2nd day of the new year we went back to Tokyo. It was quite nice to get home again.

Autumn is Here

Today was a beautiful autumn day. The sun was shining its warm rays down on Coco and me while we were taking a walk in the afternoon.


After the walk we both had a rest in the sofa. Coco sleeping on my shoulder.