First thing we did in the morning was to go to the airport. At 10:20 am or so we arrived at Kauai, got our rental car and drove to sunny Poipu.

We could check in at Poipu Plantation at once and we just quickly unpacked, got into our swim wear and off we went for an afternoon at Kiahuna beach.

Chie and Monk seal at Kiahuna

We were not alone at the beach. With us was also a Hawaiian Monk Seal. She’d been there for a couple of days they said. Pregnant.

In the evening we had Japanese curry at home. Yummy!

Last Day

Today was the last day in Kauai for this time. Time flies when you have a good time. It feels like we just arrived though when you think about it then it was quite a long time sine we went to Takonoki.

We spent the day at Kiahuna beach today. In the afternoon the wave got big. Fun, fun, fun 🙂

It was the last day but it was also the first day we did not bring our own lunch to the beach. We had hamburger and Caesar salad at the Sheraton beach/pool bar.

At 5 pm we went to fill up gas as we have to return the rental car tomorrow as well. Then we went home and packed. Finishing the last evening with showers and pizza dinner.

Bye bye Kauai, for this time.


Polihale and Kiahuna

Woke up early in the morning by heavy rain. Slept some more and hopes it would go away. It did…

Until we unpacked all our things at the Poipu beach. Then it started to rain again.

So what to do? Well, in Kauai the most likely place to find the sun is in the south-west. So we went to Salt Pond. Arriving there it rained.

We continue further west to Polihae via some miles of dirt roads. At Polihae the sun was not shining but it was not raining, at least not when we arrived 😉

We spent an hour or so at Polihae, eating lunch and enjoying the last beach before the magnificent Napali coast. And then it started to rain 🙂

Well, if yo cannot go further west you have to go back east. We returned to Kiahuna beach… Where it rained, but only for a few minutes. The last few hours of the day here was sunny. And the waves was as usual fun to play in 🙂

Before returning home we stopped at Kukuiula shopping village where they had an organic market. Chie bought some Kauai grown award winning coffee. I bought a piece of blueberry pie and vanilla ice cream for desert… After eating crab cream sauce pasta that is 🙂


Relaxing Day

Today was another day at the Kiahuna beach. We woke up late and we wanted shade at the beach so Kiahuna was a good option for us.

As always the waves was quite big, and fun to play in.

In between playing in the waves we relaxed in the sun part of the time and in the shade of the palm trees part of the time.

At 5:30 pm we returned home for dinner. Tonight it was pasta arabiata.


Back at Kiahuna

Today we went back to the Kiahuna beach. It is one of our favorite beaches in Kauai.

We read, played in the waves, and relaxed. Enjoying the sun, the breeze and the palm trees.

At 4:45 pm we returned home after a short stop for grocery shopping. Dinner tonight was grilled salmon and salad.