Nielsen Family

Late afternoon we arrived at my father’s home. Almost the whole Nielsen family had gathered. Only my grandmother was missing, but we had visited her in Eh a few days ago.

It was the first time to meet Nathan, since I met him when he was just a few days old just before I left for Japan last year. He had grown quite a lot since then. His aunt and grandmother from Thailand were also visiting (from Thailand).

Nathan Nova & Chie

We all had BBQ together. Ending the dinner with a panna cotta with rhubarb jam. Very yummy!

After the dinner we joined Jimmy and Emma to their home. Since we visited the last time they had rebuilt the kitchen. It was now a big and open kitchen the covered more than half the 1st floor of their house.

Spareribs Jimmy and Emma's new kitchen

Outside, in the garden, their bunny and their dog (Nova) was oblivious to the new kitchen. As long as they get their food the kitchen can be new or old or whatever. But Chie and I enjoyed it.

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