Raider Nation Japan Pre-Season 2009

Just before 3 pm the first Raider Nation Japan member knocked or our door. Actually, Mash-san used the bell but it is a better flow in “knocked on the door” than “rang the bell”. More poetic… Or something.

After Mash-san, Black Panther-san and Moonlight-san arrived. And finally the guest appearance from Club Leo, Ryo-san.

Once everyone had arrived Chie started cooking. First Japanese dishes. Then Chinese dishes. Everyone ate and was happy.

Chie preparing delicious dishes Mash-san & Black Panther-san

Between the dishes we watched Raiders games. The first pre-season game of the season against Dallas Cowboys. Then a game against Tampa Bay Buccaneers from last year. And finally we watched the game against New York Jets that we visited last year.

Part of Raider Nation Japan watching football It's Raiders football!!!

Everyone had a great time. At 10 pm the last guests left. Chie went to bed. And I tried to live up to being the best guy in the world by doing the dishes.

Sofa dressed for success

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