Walking Coco in Tokorozawa

A long weekend ahead of us. Saturday morning and we are going to Tokorozawa. Actually we were quite late and arrived in Tokorozawa in the afternoon.

First thing was to take Coco for a walk. Usually I have to drag him along at first but today he was dragging me along.

Coco taking a walk on the wild side "Pick up the pooh" sign

The weather was great and it was warm. Coco and I enjoyed the walk. Coco mainly by stopping and sniffing on most everything we passed. I don’t enjoy sniffing on things as much as Coco so mostly I just enjoyed the sun and the silence of Tokorozawa.

Pink flower & blue sky Blueberry on a tree?

In the evening we went to Musashi to have diner. It was a long time since we went to Musashi. The food was a great as usual. And I had too much of everything.

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