Kekaha & Kiahuna Beach

Today we decided to go west. More precisely to Kekaha beach. A long stretch of hot sand far to the west. With big and strong waves. Not so big maybe but very strong current. Not many were swimming there, but a few played in the water just a few meters out.

After reading, playing in the water for a while, and lunch we decided we had enough of Kekaha beach. Not that it was a really bad beach but being in the water was more hard work than fun.

Chie at Kekaha beach

Since half the day had gone we went back to our favorite beach, Kiahuna. It was fun as usual to play in the waves here.

Suddenly a police came and sealed one of the condominiums off. With a yellow plastic band just like in the movies. We have no idea what happened there but when we walked back to the car to go home there were a lot of policemen in front of the building.

Before returning home we made a short visit to Sheraton and to Big Save grocery store. No ice cream this night since we had already bought one in Port Allen on our way back from Kekaha beach (Tutu’s anniversary again).

Johan doing BBQ at Poipu plantation Kalbi BBQ

Tonight’s dinner was Kalbi BBQ. With salad and broccoli. Yummy!

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