Last Day in Kanazawa

Stayed in bed for a while in the morning before we went out for lunch. Today we had reservations at the Komatsu Yozuke sushi restaurant. 3 weeks ago Chie got the last two seats… For lunch time 😯

Once we got the first sushi piece in our mouths we could understand why a lunch restaurant can be fully booked 3 weeks in advance. Delicious!

Walking back to the hotel to get our bags and do some final omiyage-shopping before we entered the bus to Komatsu airport.

Today as previous day the weather was some sun, snow, hale, thunderstorm, rain. But once we boarded the plane it was mainly snow/hale and thunderstorm for 1.5 hours. Which was our delay, waiting for the weather to get better.

Oh, I almost forgot. When Chie and I had dinner at the restaurant at the airport in Kanazawa we got a big surprise… At the table next to us was Takeuchi-san. A friend of Chie’s and a girl that use to go with Mash-san on the ski trips I join once a year.

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