White Day at KotoKoto

In all that has happened I almost forgot that it was White Day today. In Japan it is a bit backwards on Valentine’s Day compared to many other parts of the world. On Valentine’s Day girls give chocolate to the guys.

White Day (today) is the day when they guys have to pay back 🙂

So I bought chocolate and gave to all the assistants that help me in the daily work at Sony Ericssson. Then I took Chie for dinner at KotoKoto.

It was wonderful. The food was great as usual. And we had a great talk with Fujiwara-san, a guy sitting at a table next to us. We laughed a lot while covering a lot of different subjects from the earthquake to Sweden to 9/11 to food and back to the earthquake.

And it was really nice feeling to not “having” to watch the news broadcasting for once in a few days. And the night was still quite warm when walking back home. A perfect White Day.

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