As you may know by now, Chie and I are staying in Japan. But we have now packed an emergency bag each (or two ;-)). Just in case the worst should happen we are ready to leave in 5 minutes.

Wouldn’t that be too late you may wonder, but most likely not. The wind today was eastward, away from Japan out over the ocean. The same is predicted for tomorrow. That gives us extra time. Besides, the evacuation zones will expand as the risk increases and that will give an indication as well on when it is time to leave.

And here CNN and BBC are really good sources of information. They have brought good analysis and reports on directives from US and British government. US government also have official nuclear experts in place here in Japan to support the Japanese government in solving the crises. Meaning they should have quite good information.

Finally, in the parking place we have a car full of gas. Well, at least the tank is full of gas 😉 So the plan is to drop by Tokorozawa to pick up Chie’s mother and Coco, and then drive to Osaka to stay at a friends place.

8 thoughts on “Packed

  1. Skönt att höra att ni har en plan och är redo att ge er iväg om det behövs och att ni har bensin i tanken. Följer din blogg dagligen nu och är väldigt glad att Andreas är tillbaka i Sverige.

    • Tack, Elizabeth. Verkar som om strÃ¥lningen gick ner igÃ¥r efter det att de sprutat vatten in över de förbrukade kärnbränslestavarna.

  2. I am keeping my fingers and crossed that you do not need to use your emergency plan. Each night I am praying that tomorrow when I wake up the heroes in Fukushima have control over the situation.

    Take care both of you

    • Yes Josef, we too hopewe will not need to use the evacuation plan. Still don’t think it will be necessary but better safe than sorry 🙂

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