Club Leo at Il Lupone

At 6 pm we met Club Leo (Ryo and Non) at Il Lupone for dinner. Usually we meet with them about once a month but it has been almost 2-3 months since we last met now. It was fun to see them again.

We had so much good food at Il Lupone, as usual 🙂 Including past and pizza. Most of it did not have any meet in it as we tried to keep the intake of protein to a minimum. The reason for this is that Non has got an illness so she need to keep her protein intake down to 40 g per day. She brought a dietetics book explaining e.g. protein content of different types of food. It was interesting to see that octopus, something I think many Swedish body builders would not eat, actually have a much higher level of protein compared to egg, which is something the same bodybuilders have nothing against eating raw 🙂

We finished the dinner with very yummy desserts. I had vanilla ice cream with 2 blueberries and a strawberry, and half of Chie’s panna cotta 🙂

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