Dinner at Walnuts

Went to the University of Tokyo to have lunch with Mario today. He wanted to go to a French restaurant so we did. I had a salad and grilled fish. It was OK.

After lunch we had a walk to Nezu to visit the temple there. It was a nice walk, but quite hot. Still we could enjoy it talking about what happened since we last met. Then we walked back to the university to have iced coffee and iced tea.

Nezu temple Johan at Nezu temple.

Around 5 pm I took the subway to Kamiyacho to meet Chie. We continued to Roppongi. From there we went to Roppongi hills for window shopping before continuing to Walnuts for dinner. It was delicious as usual.

Walnuts' kitchen Chie at Walnuts
Johan at Walnuts Johan & Toru-san in front of Walnuts

On our way to Walnuts we passed Icebar Tokyo. A branch of the Icebar in Stockholm, which is part of the Ice hotel.

Icebar Tokyo

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