Gym and pasta

Had lunch with Chie at the same Japanese style restaurant in Kamiyacho again. Today I had grilled sanma with rice and miso soup. Chie had grilled salmon with rice and miso soup. Yummy.

In the afternoon I went to check the new Addidas shop in Ginza but they did not have any nice shoes so I went to Bic Camera instead. There I bought a Canon D40 Lens Kit 17-85mm to a friend in Sweden and a Nikon SB-800 flash to the same friend.

Then I continued with the JR Yamanote line to Akihabara the electric town. But I was just going there because it was the fastest way to get to Awajicho from Bic Camera in Hibiya. From Akihabara it takes just 10 minutes to walk to Awajicho where they have a lot of sports stores. I checked a few for shoes but could not find any until I was leaving. Then I stopped at an ABC Mart and found the pair I was looking for Addidas Limited Edition.

When I had my new shoes in a bag it was time to try them out. I went to Konami Sports (gym) in Naka-Meguro, arriving around 5 pm. I started with some weight lifting and when Chie joined me around 6 pm we did some running together for 30 minutes. Then Chie had an aerobics class and I did some more weight lifting before taking a shower.

At home Chie cooked pasta putanesca while I took care of the laundry. The rest of the evening we had dinner and talked and took care of more laundry. By the way, the pasta was yummy.

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