Shinobu-san in Tokyo

A friend from Kobuchihama have come to Tokyo to help out one of here friends here. Ishihara-san arranged with a dinner for her volunteer group at KotoKoto to “celebrate” that Shinobu-san was in Tokyo.

It was fun to meet Shinobu-san and great to see here smile and laugh after the tough year they had since the 3/11 earthquake. I know Shinobu-san’s top-most want-to-travel-to country right now is Sweden so I had bought some Swedish things for her on my business trip last week. She seemed to appreciate it 🙂

3 thoughts on “Shinobu-san in Tokyo

    • I’ll can some heat from Tokyo and send to you be mail 😉

      Anyway, a couple of months more and should at least get a decent summer vacation in Hawaii 😎

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