Coco gets a Visit

This weekend we visited Coco in Tokorozawa. It has been a while since our last visit and it was difficult to see who was most happy about the visit, Coco or Chie and I. We arrived on Saturday and had a lot of time to play with Coco and relax before we went to Musashi for dinner.

The temperature in Tokorozawa seemed to be a few degrees lower than in Tokyo, which was quite nice. I managed to sleep through the whole night without using the AC, just kept the balcony door and window open.

As always when we are in Tokorozawa Chie cooks tons and tons of delicious dishes – brunch and dinner. And after eating a lot for brunch I usually get tired and take nap. This time was no exception.

During summertime in Japan it is quite hot for a small dog like Coco to be outside. So our usual walks tend to be a bit shorter and during the cooler times of the day, either in the morning or in the evening. Cooler means 23-25 degrees, which is what we have during the night right now.

When we took our walk on Sunday morning we passed a park where, it must have been, billions of cicadas cried “meeeee, meeeeee, meeeeee.” A bit egoistic they are, if you ask me. Coco didn’t seem to think that. In fact he was totally unconcerned about all these egoistic insects invading the trees, and just walked on as if nothing was going on – he’s a cool dog 🙂

On Sunday night we said bye to Coco and returned to Tokyo. The ride was as eventful as usual (which means nothing happened). Once back at home we usually just have time to drop dead in the bed.

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