Business Trip to Lund

This week I have been on a business trip to our Lund office. I arrived on Monday night and went to the office on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday night I joined some work colleagues from Lund for dinner at Gloria in Lund. It was fun to catch up with them.

Wednesday night I had dinner at Andreas home with his family Stina, Emil and Simon. It was yummy pasta on the menu. Again a lot if catch up and fun.

Today I will move from Lund to our Beijing office. Instead of waiting in Malmö before going to the airport for my 9pm flight I went to Copenhagen. Well, after a short stop at the airport to check in my bag.

In Copenhagen I did as a billion other people did… Walked along Ströget down to Nyhavn.


Most people seemed to stop at Nyhavn but I continues walking all the way to the Lille Havefrun. This time she was not on a business trip (last time she was in Shanghai for the World Exhibition).


On my way back from the Lille Havefrun I stopped at Andersen Bakery, just opposite the Copenhagen Central Station, for a late lunch. I had an Andersen Platte with typical Danish smörrebröd. It was delicious and I am still full.


Right now I am bone tired, waiting at the airport for my flight to depart. Hopefully I can sleep some on the flight and wake up in Beijing.

2 thoughts on “Business Trip to Lund

  1. Lots of traveling for you. Hope you get some time to relax in between all your flights.

    That “Andersen Platte” looks awesome. Is it roast beef in lower right corner? :-O

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