Woke up early in the morning to get ready to go to Narita airport. Chie joined me to Tokyo station where I got on the Narita Express. It was quite OK since I know I can see her again in just a few days. But then in Bangkok, Thailand.
The train ride to Narita was un-eventful, as was the pick up of my lagguage, and check-in. I checked 33.6 kg in two bags, and probably had about 15 kg in my carry on.

After security check and passing immigration I went to exchange money, Thai Bhat, and then to the NWA lounge – luxurious thing when you fly business class. Had something to eat and drink there and had a chat with Chie on Messenger.

The flight was, as the train ride, un-eventful. I slept for a while. Watched a lot of movies. Had somethig to eat. Went to the bathroom a couple of times. Read. Transferred in Amsterdam. Read some more. Had some more to eat. And then I arrived in Stockholm, about 16 hours after I left Narita.

2 thoughts on “Sweden

  1. とっても楽しい1ヶ月でした。ありがとう。ひこうきの中で、えいがはなにをみましたか?タイバーツはいくらチェンジしましたか?

  2. とても楽しかった一ヶ月でした。ひめもありがとうございました。ひこうきの中で「Robots」と「Narnia」、「Batman Begins」、「Everybody loves Raymon」のテレビショウを見ました。一万九千タイバーツぐらいはチェンジをしました。

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