Delta Machine and Stomach Flu

In the morning I downloaded my pre-ordered Depeche Mode Delta Machine album to my iPhone – it was released today. Listened to it throughout the morning. The album was good (though a bit darker and harder than previous albums) and many of the songs are of a character that they will grow on you.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machie

By lunch time I felt really bad. I went home. Slept throughout most of the day, with a small exception from praying to the porcelain good. In the evening Chie had bought me salad and I had half of it – the only thing I had to eat since breakfast, which I actually had offered to the porcelain good. Then I went back to sleep.


On April 7 Depeche Mode will release their latest single from the upcoming album “Sounds of the Universe”, Wrong. You can find the video on YouTube already though.