Hanami in Naka-Meguro

Met Chie in Naka-Meguro after work. We went for Hanami… For about 5 minutes and two photos. It was just too many people to enjoy it. So we went to Robata de Meguro for dinner instead. Yummy!


Too Much Sakura

Today was probably the peak-day of this cherry blossom season (or maybe tomorrow… or Saturday). The cherry trees along the Meguro river was anyhow very beautiful and the photo does not really do them justice. The feeling of walking in a tunnel of cherry blossom is quite amazing.

Many people will celebrate the cherry blossom by having picnics under the trees, eating and drinking and having a fun time. Although this is called “hanami” (flower watching) not so much flower watching is going on. It is more about eating, and especially drinking. This poor guy seems to have done a little bit too much of the latter (I “found” him on my way to the office :-))

Hanami Party

I usually leave home around 7:15 in the morning to go to the office. This morning was no exception. But to my surprise there was a group of people having a hanami (flower watching) party a the Meguro river.

It was difficult to know if they had started the party exceptionally early or if they had continued the party throughout the night. Though it was quite clear that they were more interested in drinking and smoking than actually doing anything for the party to live up to its name (watching flowers that is).