Il Lupone

After work Chie and I met for dinner at Il Lupone – an Italian restaurant a few hundred meters from home. Yummy!

Il Lupone dessert

Il Lupone

Both Chie and I were late today so we decided to have dinner at Il Lupone, and Italian restaurant not far from our apartment. The food here is great and the staff is very friendly – there was no difference this time either. After the dinner we ordered three desserts: i) pannacotta, ii) walnut ice cream, and iii) pear tarte.

The idea was to share the desserts but Chie only managed to eat half her pannacotta so I HAD TO eat the rest. They were all great but the walnut ice cream was in a class of its own. The only problem with the whole dinner was that I got to full 😛

Christmas Dinner at Il Lupone

On Christmas Eve Chie and I went to Il Lupone for dinner. It is a small Italian restaurant about 400 meters from the apartment. It was an OK distance to walk on a Christmas Eve 😉

Il Lupone is always full and you have to book a table. We were quite surprised to be able to book a table for Christmas Eve as we were late with our booking. The only downside of having a dinner out on Christmas Eve in Tokyo is that many restaurants tend to have Christmas menus, which very much limits the choices you have. Chie and I prefer the normal menus with many different choices 🙂

Tonight Il Lupone was not an exception, they too had a Christmas menu. Though they also had an a’la carte menu, though it was more limited than usual. We picked salad, pasta, and pizza both from the a’la carte and from the Christmas menu – even though the latter was a set menu 🙂

As usual the food was delicious. And so was the desert that I had afterwards, frozen raspberry mousse… Yummy!

Club Leo at Il Lupone

At 6 pm we met Club Leo (Ryo and Non) at Il Lupone for dinner. Usually we meet with them about once a month but it has been almost 2-3 months since we last met now. It was fun to see them again.

We had so much good food at Il Lupone, as usual 🙂 Including past and pizza. Most of it did not have any meet in it as we tried to keep the intake of protein to a minimum. The reason for this is that Non has got an illness so she need to keep her protein intake down to 40 g per day. She brought a dietetics book explaining e.g. protein content of different types of food. It was interesting to see that octopus, something I think many Swedish body builders would not eat, actually have a much higher level of protein compared to egg, which is something the same bodybuilders have nothing against eating raw 🙂

We finished the dinner with very yummy desserts. I had vanilla ice cream with 2 blueberries and a strawberry, and half of Chie’s panna cotta 🙂