Snow in Tokyo

Quite an eventful day today. We changed the cover of the sofa from Christmas red back to the normal grey and white striped cover. It felt good to be back to “normal” again 🙂

Sofa with grey cover

In the morning it had started to snow. SO after changing the sofa cover it was a real event to go to the gym in the snow. Taking my bike was out of the question as it only has slicks on – totally blank rubber on the wheels. Slicks is perfect most of the time in Tokyo but when it snows it sucks 😉

Snow Snowman

While walking home from the gym I took some backstreets so I could enjoy the snow to the full. Suddenly I found a house with the whole wall painted with a Sumo guy on it. Turned out it was a restaurant, but I did not have time to check what kind it was so for now it is the Naka-Meguro Sumo restaurant.


I think I forgot to mention that it was a national holiday today. And that besides changing the sofa cover and going to the gym we had time to install a new shopping list tracking system. A stripe of metal glued to the inside of a cupboard door and white magnets “stickies.” The idea is that the most common food like pasta, tomato cans etc. will have a white “sticky” and is placed to the metal stripe when in stock. When we use the last, let’s say, tomato can then we move the “tomato can sticky” to the refrigerator, and when its time to shop you check the fridge for a list of base things to buy. Once restocked you just move the “stickies” back from the fridge to the metal stripe in the cupboard. Let’s see how it works, I try to remember to report on it in a month or so.

Shopping list system

Worse than Earthquakes and Nuclear Crisis?

As if earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear crisis should not be enough there is yet another crisis to be added. The sumo crisis, which may be almost on an equal level of crisis for some people.

It actually started a few months back when it was discovered that a few sumo wrestlers had been part of fixing some matches; of course this is part of a scheme organized by one or more of the organized crime gangs in Japan. Today came the verdict. 19 wrestlers forced to retire, 6 from the highest makuuchi division, 8 from the second highest juryo division, and the rest from the lower divisions (see wikipedia for details on sumo). 17 coaches demoted because of their wrestlers involvement.

Unfortunately I don’t think this is an April’s Fools Day joke 🙁