JGSDF 431 Uchimura

Spent the day at the beach. When I tried to get up from the sand in the afternoon my back just refused. So painful I could not stand up. Almost fainted.

Because of the helicopter going down a week or so ago north west of Irabujima, JGSDF (Japan Ground Self Defence Force) has been present on almost every beach we’ve been to. Luckily, two JGSDF fellows were at home today’s beach too and one of them, Uchimura-san spotted me in pain and came to help. Got some pain killer and laid down to rest for an hour. It was enough to enable me to walk back to the car on my own.

We thanked Uchimura-san for his help. And when driving home we saw his leader (we guess) and stopped to tell him Uchimura-san was so helpful today and thank you so much.