Camera Shop

Andreas is interested in Cameras. I am too, but not even close to the interest Andreas shows in the small optical things.

Still, I like them enough to go on a trip with Andreas to Nakano to visit some Camera shops there. We left the office a little earlier than usual and got on the train to Shinjuku and then onwards to Nakano.

It was fun to watch all the different cameras and lenses in the shop. I tried out a few lenses for my camera too.

12 mm lens in a Nakano camera shop

Once we got tired of cameras… Or rather once we got more hungry than interested in cameras we got on a train back to Ebisu. Here we tried a new restaurant that was quite OK.

CAM bar with a view of Ebisu garden

Then we continued to the CAM bar in Ebisu. After about 15 minutes Chie called. Her dinner with a friend had ended and she was joining us at the bar in a few minutes. We had a fun time together the three of us. Too fun and too late.

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