Tea Ceremony

After a long summer vacation (from tea class) it resumed today. We were 6 people including Mina-sensei.

I arrived about 20 minutes late because I got on a super-duper-express train that went on and on and on without ever-never stopping. It felt like I was back in Sweden, almost, when it finally stopped. And I got on a train back.

When I finally got to the tea class they were just entering the tea room. Since the class was quite big today each prepared tea for 2-3 persons rather than for all. Except me. I was the last one to prepare tea. And I had to prepare for all 5. Like a punishment for being late?

Ofuro etc. Flower setting
Japanese sweets Working on becoming a tea master

At 6 pm I went back to Naka-Meguro where I met Chie and Yoshiki-san at Jojoen for yaki-niku dinner. Yammy!

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