Crowded Spaces

When you live in a city with a population that is larger than that of the whole Sweden, and even one of the train stations swallow almost half the Swedish population every day, then you think about crowded spaces. Because everywhere you go there is always a lot of people.

I think that to survive without going mad people withdraw from reality and shrink into their own space of living. Kind of being at home by them selves while standing cramped with thousands of other people on a train on the way to the office. You can see that people don’t think about where they are based on their behavior.

I’ve seen anything from girls putting on make up to old men picking their noses. Things I would think twice about doing in the middle of such a crowd.

The worst thing I happened to see not more than two weeks ago. On my way to the office in the morning. A guy watching his mobile phone intensively. With headphones. “What is he watching?”, was my first thought. And I peeped into his private life, that he displayed in public, and wished I hadn’t. He was watching an x-rated movie. On the train. In the morning. Most likely on his way to the office. ???

Sometimes you have to wonder what people are thinking about, or what people are not thinking about.

3 thoughts on “Crowded Spaces

  1. Ha, ha, ha, crazy! 😀

    I remember seeing an old man reading a naughty magazine on the subway when I visited you in Japan. Strange…

  2. LOL!

    Maybe the porno-watching-guy was the director of that movie? Or maybe an adult-film-critic? 😀

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