Going to Tokorozawa

Time to leave Tokyo for a New Year in Tokorozawa. And finally I can have a chance to meet Coco, Chie’s mother’s new dog. He is a toy poodle.

We went by car around 9:30 am or so. It was not much traffic. I think we went before it. Which was lucky since a few years ago it took us more than 3 hours to get to Tokorozawa which usually takes 1 or less than 1 hour.

In Tokorozawa we got a warm welcome by a cute fluffy energetic little dog. Most of the time he could not be still. Running, jumping, biting his toys, shaking them, running some more, jump, jump, jump, licking your face, run, run, jump, jump…


In the afternoon we drove to the fish market in Tokorozawa to buy tuna and more for the dinner and for the new year. It took us maybe one and a half hour to drive the few kilometers to the fish market. It was crazy. It seemed like whole Japan was out buying the final things for the New Years celebration. Or maybe they were just driving around in their cars to annoy us.

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