We arrived in Amsterdam in the evening and went by train and taxi to our hotel, the Toren. The Toren is located along one of the canals in the central of Amsterdam just a block away from the Homo Monument and Anne Frank’s house.

It turned out that the Homo Monument was a central theme for this weekend. Tomorrow, Saturday, Amsterdam will host their famous Gay Parade along one of their canals.

But that is tomorrow and today is today. We had a long flight and was both tired and hungry. We took the most natural course of action, dinner and then back to the hotel for sleep.

After some walking around we find a the Prego restaurant not far from the hotel. We had a tasty salad and a nice mackerel starter, with only a so so main course. Maybe the main course would have been more appreciated if we would not have had to wait for it for 45 minutes.

Finally back at the hotel I had a hit bath. Then we both fell asleep. And we slept like babies the whole night.

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