Niseko – Day 2

As always in Niseko the weather can change in a minute. Yesterday morning it was sunny with just a few white clouds. In the afternoon it started to snow, and it snowed the whole night.

I woke up to 30-40 cm new snow. Whohooo!!! The only drawback was that the visibility was not so good. If you haven’t experienced a whiteout then this is it…


Despite the whiteout the snowboarding was superb. I was riding my board almost exclusively in backcountry area. The powered snow was knee deep in some places, and by the end of the day I was pretty tired in my legs. And the rest of my body as well for that matter.

I was well deserved of a hot bath. Which I also took. Afterwards I had pasta for dinner before I ended the night by writing on my GLOBIS report, and watching an episode of Spartacus. Goodnight!

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