Saturday Walk and Birthday Dinner

Chie and I went for a walk. We strolled up to Daikanyama for some window-shopping. At a point we did some real shopping too, we bought two stools and a blanket from Klippan. The stools had a green seat with a lamb on it, which sound kind of childish but they were pretty nice. On our way home we passed… My building 🙂


In the evening we met with Mina-sensei and Tomoko-san. It was Mina-sensei’s birthday. We went to Bistro Mikami, which is about 50 meters from home. But that is not why we go there. The food is great, and so it was tonight as well. And the dessert? Superb. I had two helpings of fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Simple but delicious.

Birthday girl .)

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    • Yeah, my tea ceremony sensei did not want to be on photo so what do you do? Also, I liked the idea of a one-eyed smiley .)

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