San Francisco

This week I was on a business trip to our office in San Mateo. A busy week with many meetings. One of them with a colleague at a sister SONY division.

I arrived at the San Francisco airport on the 20th and had a plan to take the BART to downtown San Francisco. However, BART was on strike so I had to revise my plan. I got on a Super Shuttle instead and it dropped me off at Union Square. It was a wonderful day with blue sky. I enjoyed it walking around doing some window shopping… Well, I did some real shopping too. At the Icebreaker shop. Stocking up for the winter.

Tram in San Francisco

In the afternoon it was time to return to the airport to join my colleague from Lund, he was arriving late in the afternoon. So I got on a bus back to the airport. It took about 25 minutes longer than what was mentioned on the schedule and I got about 5 minutes late to the planned meeting time at the SFO rental car station.

The rest of the week was filled with meetings, American food and sleeping. Had a plan to go to the gym but never made it. Too tired. After a week in the US it is really nice to return to Tokyo, even though the flight was long. Once I got home Chie had prepared a Japanese dinner, which I enjoyed very much!

2 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. Bart = Bay Area Rapid Transit? A commuter shuttle?

    Made me think of Bart Simpson. 😛

    And the “Super shuttle” sounds lie some sort of spaceship but I guess it’s a car…

    And to make things even more complicated, the thing on your pic would be a tram? Looks coll, whatever it is called. 🙂

    • Yeah, means of transportation was on my mind that day 🙂


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