Arriving in Tokyo

Today was the big moving day. I got on a flight on Arlanda at 10:15 am yesterday. Had a transfer in Vienna and arrived in Tokyo 8:15 am this morning.

I thought it would take a while to clear immigration and customs with al the paper work but it did not. Immigration was just to give them the Certificate of Eligibility and get a stamp. And customs was equally fast. Just show the two customs declaration, get some stamps and it was done.

Then I went to the QL liner to hand over one of the customs declarations for my unaccompanied boxes that will arrive in 2 months or so. They needed a copy of my passprt as well.

I decided to go with the Narita Express (instead of bus) to the Shinagawa station. There I changed to JR Yamanote line to Meguro station where I took a taxi home.

In the night Chie and I went to Yasaka to celebrate that I finally came back to Japan.

Chie at Yasaka

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