Poipu Beach [updated]

It was a hot day at the Poipu beach. We spent most of it reading, swimming and making acquaintance with a new friend… A bit chicken though as he did not dare eating from Chie’s hand 🙂

Next to us was a couple where the male looked familiar, though a bit older than my memory and it was difficult to place him… Where had I seen him?

I am pretty sure I’d seen h in some TV series. Hospitals keep popping up so it might have been a TV series about hospitals. Or lawyers. I’ll have to search the net.

At 4:45 pm we went to Poipu shopping village. Walked around looking in stores without buying anything, but a Girl’s book about surfing.

After that we went grocery shopping. Tonight is herb chicken night. And I’ll have homemade Black Orange – any Swede out there that remember that drink?

[update] OK, I looked the guy up and I am 85% sure (scientifically calculated ;-)) that it was Adam Arkin from Chicago Hope.

4 thoughts on “Poipu Beach [updated]

  1. I actually have a collegue that makes black orange every time we have burgers for lunch so it is not a forgotten recipe. Seems like you have a hard time relaxing on the beaches.

    • Long time no see. Yes, it’s hard work being on a vacation 😉

      Say hello to your colleague… (S)he is not alone!

    • Still not 100% sure it was him but 85% or do. In a few months it will probably grow to 100% and in a few years I probably even talked with him, and in a 15 years we probably had dinner 😉

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