Support Tohoku Earthquake Victims!

Do you want to support the victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and at the same time know exactly where the money goes? The Tohoku Donation page was created to do just that, support the victims of the earthquake/tsunami but also enable donators to track where the money goes.

Star Wars Episode 7 4D

A new experience at the cinema. Latest episode of Star Wars in 4D. Seats tilting and vibrating, and wind in the hair. All in harmony with the movie. A new experience. Haven’t really decided if it was better or not yet. But it was, indeed, fun :-)

Dinner at KotoKoto

We had no idea what to have for dinner. So instead of wasting time figuring out what to eat we went to one of our favorite restaurants, KotoKoto.

Snow Keeps Falling…

Tokyo woke up to white rooftops and snow covered cars today. I decided to keep my bicycle parked and ride the train to the office. It took a bit longer than during a normal day as the trains were going at a slower speed. But I got there, to the office that is, within an hour.


Japan is introducing MyNumber, a unique identifier for all residents. However, 4712345673D is not MyNumber it is the sequence of Star Wars episodes that Chie and I have watched over the last few weeks, including today’s Episode 7 3D. Hard work :-)

First Week at New Job

Completed my first week at the new job at Rakuten. Two days of mid-career newcomer’s training. Then three days of getting to know the company, it’s culture and my role. Still a way to go 😉

So far I’ve been riding the train to the office at Rakuten Crimson House. Takes about 40 minutes door-to-door. This morning, however, I rode my bike to the office. A nice uphill from Naka-Meguro at first and ending in a steep downhill to Futakotamagawa about 25 minutes later (for a total of 30 minutes door-to-door). On my way home… It was, of course, the reverse. Steep uphill at first. Ending with a nice downhill towards Naka-Meguro. If you wonder, in between it was quite flat :-)

My routine so far is to leave early to arrive at the office around 7:30. That’s when the breakfast starts (yeah, we have free breakfast). Then, at around 11:30 I have lunch with my newcomer mentor (yes, free lunch too). Around 17:30 – 18:00 I leave to return home. If I work late, there’s dinner starting at 19:00 which, as breakfast and lunch, is free.

My desk is located on the 11th floor in a corner with a view over the Tamagawa river. The view is quite nice.

If you want to know more about my new office, have a look here.


Found it! The lost remote control is now back in our possession :-)

After free falling 12 stories it had landed safely without a scratch in a pile of soil. It was laying there a bit stunned but without anything broken when I found  it (after having risked my life climbing a concrete wall).

Oops, There Goes the Remote

We happened to accidentally throw the remote control for the TV out the window. Maybe this is the Gods way of telling us we should read more?

Happy New (TV-less) Year!