Support Tohoku Earthquake Victims!

Do you want to support the victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and at the same time know exactly where the money goes? The Tohoku Donation page was created to do just that, support the victims of the earthquake/tsunami but also enable donators to track where the money goes.

Pleased to Meet Ya

Ding dong! 10 am and the door bell rang. In walked a new friend. The best one you can have. One that will keep you clean and smelling good for a long time.

Pleased to meet ya, Mr. P. Cubicle!

In the evening we all celebrated our bew friendship at Kotaro. Well, to tell the truth, Mr. Cubicle couldn’t join so Chie and I celebrated on his behalf.

Tea Ceremony

Today was tea ceremony again. Summer setup. It went well. Afterwards Chie picked me up by car and we had dinner at Il Lupone.

Waiting for Us

Arriving back home after our Kauai vacation was a box of wakame from a dear friend in Kobuchihama (Tohoku). We are looking forward not only to eat the wakame but also to share this delicatesse with our friends in Tokyo.

Final Day at Kiahuna

This is the end my friend. The final day. We spent it at Kiahuna. The waves seemed to know it was our last day. They were bigger than usual. And very fun to play in :)

Oh, and a monk seal had come to say bye too. It was cutely sleeping at the end of the beach.

Also, in the evening we learned that Kauai chickens smoke if they get the opportunity. So we were gently asked to not smoke so that they could quit their bad habit.

Moloa Bay

Checking the weather forecast in the morning we found that Moloa Bay was going to have sun with some clouds the whole day. So we went there, and it turned out the forecast was wrong. We had a wonderfully blue sky the whole day.

Being on Vacation is not a Vacation

Want to make sure that anyone reading this blog knows that being on vacation is not a vacation. It’s dangerous, and we risk our life every day 😉


Every other day I have taken a run in the morning before Chie wake up. I run along a beautiful coastline, crossing a 300 meters sand beach, run along the edges of cliffs, jumping over roots and end up at a sacred ground where I turn around and do it all in reverse. The sand beach is worse going back, just in case you wondered :) but overall it is a wonderful start of the day.