Exploring Esashi

We started the day with a walk around the Kamome (seagull) island just outside of Esashi. We had time to do a short walk in old Esashi too before we had a wonderful breakfast.

Lighthouse IMG_0329

The rest of the day was just for relaxing. Moving back and forth between the living room and the hot tub (onsen). Quite nice.

Before another 10 course dinner we had a walk again. This time we went directly to old Esashi. The town have tried to keep the old style and managed quite well.

Esashi house

After dinner we continued to relax. I had another couple of dips in the hot tub. Soothing.

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    • Varies a lot between days. In Esashi we had around 20 degrees, but the weekend after they had snow and we had around 12 in Tokyo.

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