Returning from Kuki

Though we were on vacation we woke up early to watch football, Eagles at Raiders. We even had a wonderful breakfast in the middle of the game, brought the phone with us so we could keep on watching. Unfortunately it turned out that the breakfast was much more wonderful than the game. We lost 🙁

After breakfast it was time for a short walk again. We walked into Esashi again and enjoyed the old style buildings.Before returning to the Kuki ryokan and another hot bath we also went to the harbour. Quite some bad weather was approaching so we hurried up and returned to Kuki before it started raining.

Boat in bad weather

We checked out at noon and returned to the airport. And returned to Tokyo.

Exploring Esashi

We started the day with a walk around the Kamome (seagull) island just outside of Esashi. We had time to do a short walk in old Esashi too before we had a wonderful breakfast.

Lighthouse IMG_0329

The rest of the day was just for relaxing. Moving back and forth between the living room and the hot tub (onsen). Quite nice.

Before another 10 course dinner we had a walk again. This time we went directly to old Esashi. The town have tried to keep the old style and managed quite well.

Esashi house

After dinner we continued to relax. I had another couple of dips in the hot tub. Soothing.

Going to Hokkaido

Woke up at 5 am. All according to our plan. We were going to Hokkaido. Or more accurately to Hakodate in Hokkaido, and then to Esashi.

Once we arrived in Hakodate we got our rental car and drove to Goryokan, a star-shaped castle built after the castles in Europe. We had a nice view from a the tower and afterwards a nice close look when walking through the it.


Once we were done in Hakodate we drove along the coastline to Esashi and our ryokan, Kuki. The ride was beautiful and so was Kuki.