Rain clouds all around us. But not in sunny Poipu. We spent the day at Poipu beach. Chie had on her new Sweet bikini.

Chie in Sweet bikini Johan at Poipu

We had our snorkeling gear with us. Chie and I went out a few times. Taking some photos of colorful fishes.

Fish at Poipu Chie at Poipu

We also saw a sea turtle. Floating in the water just five meters from where we were sitting.

At home I found out I had spent just a little bit too much time in the sun. My front side was quite red. Strange since I had used a waterproof SPF 30 all day long.

What to do? Lotion with aloe vera. But even better, aloe vera directly from the plant. They had a lot of aloe vera in the garden on Poipu Plantation. So I picked some and used it. Hopefully tomorrow it is better.

Oh, and we had crab & cream pasta with salad.

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