Boat Trip Around Koh Tao & Thipwimarn

By 10 am we were picked up at the rocky beach just below our hotel. We had to wade out to the long boat, which could not make it all the way in. We had asked to be taken around the island for snorkeling at some places which cannot be reach by car, or are difficult to reach.

Long boat Long boat
Long boat Long boat

First stop was outside of Thian Og Bay (Rocky Bay). When we got into the water it started to itch all over the body. It was some kind of small animal that were biting us, at least that is what our captain said.

Long boat School of fish

Next stop was Hin Wong Bay. Then Gluay Thoen Bay, Mango Bay, and finally Japanese Garden (Nangyuan Island). It was fun and interesting to see Koh Tao from the waterside. And it was very comfortable temperature in the nice breeze.

Chie snorkeling School of fish
Sea anemon School of fish

When we got back to our hotel we were quite tired after 5 hours of riding the boat and snorkeling, most of the time was snorkeling. It was quite difficult to walk all the stairs back up to our hotel from the beach. We were too tired to go anywhere to eat so we had dinner at the hotel. Red curry for Chie and I had a grilled White Snapper. Yummy.


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