Moloa Bay & iPads

From the title you may wonder what Moloa Bay has to do with iPads. Well, nothing. But if you bare with me I will explain 🙂

Moloa Bay has everything to do with what we did today. We went there in the morning and spent the whole day there.

It was a beautiful day. Sunny. A light breeze. Warm sand and water. Good book. Good company. Under coco nut palm trees (well, we did not spend the day in the shadow but it sounded good).

In the late afternoon we started on our way back home. First stop was Safeway in Kapa’a town, and the small shops around Safeway. We found a store that sold organic products like groceries and cosmetics. We memorized it plan to do most of our shopping here next year when we return.

Next stop was a Korean restaurant just south of Kapa’a town. We bought kalbi, with rice and kimchi to go. The kalbi was raw because our plan was to grill them by ourselves. It was tricky to get on the road again since the whole island of Kaua’i seems to be on the move at the same time. Two nice gentlemen (one in each car) let us cross over one lane and get in front in the other lane. Mahalo!

Our last stop (besides at home) was the Mac Made Easy store in Lihue. We checked in again if they had gotten the iPad Wi-Fi 64GB that they had promised. They had. I bought it 😈

When Chie saw what it could do (we are still in the shop) she wanted one too. She bought a Wi-Fi 32GB. The last one in the shop.

Back at home I grilled the kalbi and we had dinner. Then we started to play with Chie’s iPad. Mine have to be activated by syncing it with my iTunes before I can use it (we only have Chie’s MacBook with us). Oh boy is the iPad fun 😀

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