Puka-Shell Beach

This morning after breakfast we got a ride by the hotel’s minivan to the Puka-Shell beach. It was a stretch of sand on the north side of the beach with almost no people and very clear water.

Chie in hotel's minivan

We lay down in the sand close to some coco nut palm trees to get some kind of shade. But only after about an hour there was no shade at all. Fortunately we could enjoy the clear water to cool off. In difference from White Sand beach (which had calm water) the Puka-shell beach had some small waves. Although not as big as in Hawaii it still made it more fun to be in the water.

Johan at Puka-Shell beach Chie at Puka-Shell beach

Floating Chie with a Philipine beer

We spent the whole day here reading, swimming and relaxing. At around 3:30 pm we packed our things and walked to a small restaurant at the place where we entered the beach. Chie had a beer and I have a mango juice while we waited for the hotel’s minivan to pick us up and drive us back.

Boracay house Boracay shop

For dinner we went to Gasthof to have BBQ. It was quite tasty but Chie felt sick afterwards. Too oily maybe. So we went home and went to bed early.

Johan and Chie at Gasthof

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