Larsen Beach

Same weather situation as yesterday. Rain south of Poipu and a big risk for Poipu area to get some rain as well. We drove north again. At Lydgate the weather seemed to be better but we decided to continue to Larsen beach.

Larsen beach

Arriving at Larsen beach the weather was quite OK. Clouds but blue sky out at sea. We were lucky to go here anyway because about 20 minutes after we arrived a Hawaiian monk seal crawled up on the beach about 30 meters away. We did not want to go near it since it is an endangered specie and besides probably wants to be left alone. I know I would if I was a monk seal on a beach.

Hawaiian monk seal at Larsen beach

Larsen beach is a beautiful and quite long stretch of sand. Our guide book says it is great snorkeling when the sea is calm. However, we have been here a few times now and the sea has never been calm. And swimming is not so good either.

So after a while we got bored and hot. We decided to go to Moloa’a beach again. Mainly because it is the closest beach and it is good for swimming and quite fun.

Chie at Moloa'a beach

At 4:30 pm we packed our things and drove back. Stopping in Lihue for some shopping at Macy’s. Then continue to Koloa for some groceries before returning home in Poipu where we had chicken curry with salad for dinner.

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