Going to the Shrine on New Year’s Day

A tradition for Chie and me is to go to the shrine one of the first days of a new year. This year was the first time to go together with Coco-chan. He was a good toy poodle and walked all the way to the shrine including a detour via a pet shop. A walk for an hour or so. But that gave him a chance to play in the leafs on the way. Something he seemed to enjoy very much.

Johan and Coco Coco and leafs

At the shrine we each bought a tiger to protect us the upcoming year. One for Chie. One for me. And one for Coco-chan. Although Coco-chan did not seem to understand the exact meaning of the tiger. Though he seemed to find the tigers very interesting.

Coco and Johan at the Shrine

In the evening we had Chinese dishes for dinner. And again Coco-chan was so tired he fell asleep in Chie’s arms.

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