Going to San Francisco

It felt like any other day when I was going to the office in the morning. Same old people in the train, I think. Same guard in the W building (Sony Ericsson’s office in Shinagawa). And same old desk to sit at. But at lunch I went to the Narita Express (NEX) in Shinagawa station. And went to Narita airport. By 1:30 Chie, Mash-san and I were seated and ready for our flight to San Francisco.

Mash-san in the sky-train at SFO.

We arrived in San Francisco early the same morning. Sounds strange but San Francisco is quite a few hours behind Tokyo. So instead of laying in bed at home in Tokyo we picked up our rental car and drove to the Residence Inn in San Mateo. Rested for a while. And went to Stanford Shopping Center for a few hours shopping.

Stanford shopping center

On our way home we passed an Oracle office building. They had designed it to look just like the database icons you find in for instance Visio. Just gigantic once in glass and steel.

Oracle    Sunset in mirror

At home Chie prepared a deliscious pasta dinner for me and Mash-san. But most for me… I am almost certain about it.

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