A Day Off

Both Chie and I had a day off to visit Tokorozawa. Chie had some business to do there and I used the day off to shovel some snow (yes, still piles of snow) and walk a newly groomed Coco.

Johan and Coco

In the early evening we drove back to Tokyo. Had dinner at KFC in Ebisu before Chie dropped me off at Wesley Center for a meeting. Kick-off for Global Leadership Cafe IV – Our Relationship to Time. We had some new faces there that joined to talk about collaboration for some events that they are planning in May when they are brining Lynne Twist to Tokyo.

Lately… Busy

Been quite busy lately, both at work and privately. Last week I was on a business trip to our San Mateo office. Privately I’ve been engaged with Global Leadership Cafe. We are planning another World Cafe. This time about Feminine Leadership. I am helping out with setting up the event as well as setting up our website. Have a look at glcafe.asia and let me know what you think.

Although both Chie and I’ve been busy lately we will have time for a short vacation trip this weekend. Tomorrow we are flying to Hokkaido to return on Monday evening (Monday is a national holiday here in Japan). Looking forward to it 🙂