Lately… Busy

Been quite busy lately, both at work and privately. Last week I was on a business trip to our San Mateo office. Privately I’ve been engaged with Global Leadership Cafe. We are planning another World Cafe. This time about Feminine Leadership. I am helping out with setting up the event as well as setting up our website. Have a look at and let me know what you think.

Although both Chie and I’ve been busy lately we will have time for a short vacation trip this weekend. Tomorrow we are flying to Hokkaido to return on Monday evening (Monday is a national holiday here in Japan). Looking forward to it 🙂

Returning Home

Woke up early to go to the airport. The sad day when vacation is over has finally arrived 🙁

We all travelled together to Honolulu were Robert spent his transition waiting time in downtown Honolulu while Chie and I spent most of it in the Delta lounge watching Football on TV and monitoring the Pittsburgh @ Oakland game on the Internet. Looked like a loss again (but once we were back home we found out it was a sensational come-back win :-D).

Business Trip to SFO and Napa

This week I have been in San Francisco and Napa on a business trip. First stop was at our office in Redwood Shores where we a work colleague from Lund and I) had some meetings with the “locals”. On Wednesday night we continued Napa where we checked into Silverado Resport for the Open Source Think Tank workshop.

Oracle’s offices are fun – they look like databases 🙂

Meetings in our Redwood Shores office were good and we got a lot of useful input both on our business as well how it is living and working in the SFO area. The Open Source Think Tank conference was really good and was great opportunity to meet many people working directly or indirectly with open source. We also had a great dinner at a vinery not far from the hotel.

The hotel though was another matter. It claims to be a luxury resort and the prices are thereafter. But the service is not. They were unorganized and, as I found out when I got back home and examined my bill closer, had charged me $380 too much for spa treatments and dinners that I have no memory of receiving. That is OK but not responding to my request to fix it is not, still waiting for an answer after more than one week. DON’T GO THERE!!!

We also experienced the worst rain and thunderstorms in SFO for many years. And it haled in Napa. No luck with the weather, until the last day when it was California blue sky again.

Back in Tokyo

After some travel we arrived back in Tokyo in the afternoon today. It is always tiring to travel for so many hours. But the better the feeling when you finally are home and drop dead in the bed 🙂