Djurgården & Cypern

Djurgården is this year a pretty bad football (soccer) team in the highest division in Sweden. But it is a pretty good place to spend the morning on a sunny summer day.

We took the bus 69K to Kaknästornet and walked from there. Then we found a spot next to the canal where could just lay in the grass and watch the boats pass by. Or watch the ducks. Or read. We did a little bit of everything.

Donald? Bridge connecting Djurgården with Gärdet

By noon we had had enough. Too much Djurgården for a Gefle IF supporter. So we got on bus 69 and went back to central of Stockholm for lunch at Burger King and some final shopping.

In the late afternoon we walked from the hotel to Östermalm to deliver some gifts to a friend’s daughters. A pink Japanese school bag with dark pink flowers on and some teddy bears, or teddy rabbit.

Chie was lucky to find two pair of Angela C shoes. Something she had been looking for for a long while. Even though that took most of our time until 6 pm we still had 5 minutes to spend in Östermalmshallen. Looking at the meat, cheese, fish and other things they have there.

It made us quite hungry so we hurried to our destination for the evening. Restaurant Cypern. There we met with Anna-Karin and her son Samuel. Soon to be joined by Magnus, Per-Ã…ke and Helena. All, except Samuel, are ex-Eurosteppers.

A non ex-Eurostepper

We had a fun time eating good Greek food. One of the best is the Feta psiti – grilled feta cheese with herbs and tomato. Yummy!!! And for desert… A not so Greek hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream and white chocolate. 2xYummy!!!

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