Back in Tokyo

What started out with an emergency visit to the Swedish embassy a week ago has now come to a conclusion. I’m back in Tokyo after a trip to Sweden with the main purpose to pick up my new passport.

This is for sure the most expensive passport I ever had, and ever will have.

At least I am now set to go to Hawaii on Friday 🙂

Spring in Stockholm

Arrived yesterday evening at Arlanda. First thing to do was to check in at the hotel and then walk to the Police station to pick up my newly produced passport. Then a quick dinner and bed.

Today most of the day was spent with my mother and brother walking a Stockholm in full spring dress. It was mostly warm and always a blue sky. In other words, as good as it gets in Sweden.

Good Night for this Time

Last night in Sweden for this time. Chie and I stayed at an airport hotel so that we did not have to get up too early to catch our morning flight.

Stuck in Stockholm

Started the day slowly and got ready to go to Stockholm. Robert joined us all the way to Uppsala. We checked in at our hotel at the airport before then returning the car. We the. Went into Stockholm for some final shopping. 

Luckily for us our flight was not until the morning after because Arlanda Express had some failure and was stuck in Stockholm. There were a lot of stressed people trying to get on the airport shuttle bus to catch their flights. 

Birthday at the Kolonilott

Saturday and my mother’s birthday. We all visit at her Kolonilott (summer house). My aunt and her family, including one of my cousins and her two daughter’s visited too. Enjoying lunch and coffee/tea… And, a rare occasion during this trip, really nice summer weather.