Christmas in Japan

Yesterday at 11:10 am my flight departed from Stockholm to Copenhagen. I then had 3 hours at the airport in Copenhagen before I continued to Narita and Japan. I had a grilled salmon with rice for lunch, did some shopping, and waited.

At the gate I asked to be upgraded to business class by using my SAS milage. It was OK so I got a window seat in business class. That was a saver since I could sleep for a few hours. Actually 4 to 6 hours.

At Narita I was one of the first to pass immigration but one of the last to get my baggage. So much for hurrying.

Passing customs and out into the arrival hall… Chie! What a great feeling. It’s been a long time since last met and still it feels like no time has passed at all.
On our way to Tokyo we stopped at IKEA in Funabashi. Billy bookshelfs look the same in Japan as does the IKEA store. The only thing that does not look exactly the same is the customers. There are more of them and they are shorter.

In the evening we went to Ebisu for sushi. Finally I could eat some real sushi again. It was worth all the waiting in the world.


Before going to bed we cheated a little bit and opened the mountain of Christmas gifts that we had. Because tomorrow will be a busy day without time for a relaxed Christmas gift opening.

Christmas tree in Ebisu Christmas gifts

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