Tea on Top of Tokyo

Met Calle from Sony Mobile after work (and a train trip) for dinner at Devi Corner and a hot herb tea on top of Tokyo.

Taking off for Hawaii

Left office early to ride the Shinkansen back to Tokyo. Met Chie and we rode NEX together to Narita.

Once checked in and passed the security (yeah, my new passport worked like a charm) we headed for the Delta lounge. There I took a shower, just to discover that they left me there without towels.

So what do you do, naked, wet and with a deadline? You improvise. Used paper napkins and a hair dryer (note, I thought of calling Chie, but this seemed to make a better story) 😉

When leaving the lounge we asked if they changed the policy and that we from now on have to bring out own towels. They had not, but they thought I took the towels :O

Emergency Visit

I’m so stupid, which caused me to do an emergency visit to the embassy today. Had to renew my passport, which expired in January. Hopefully the passport will be arriving in time for our trip to Hawaii in a while.

7 Years Ago

7 years ago, this minute, the Tohoku earthquake hit Japan. And changed the lives of thousands of people.

Wannabe Big Car

What do you do when you are a small car but really want to be a big one? Park in the big car space even though there are special spaces for small cars next to you 🙂